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Checklist of what's included in your pet's surgery, spay, or neuter

Checklist of what's included in your pet's
surgery, spay, or neuter

Office visit  
Physical exam (includes eastern medicine consultation) $69.00
Progress exam/Brief exam $51.00
New Patient Set-up $18.00
Technician office visit $22.00
Emergency exam $99.00
Nail trim without exam $15-20
Core Vaccines  
Canine Rabies $19.00
Canine Distemper/Parvo $22.00
Canine Bordetella NEW oral vaccine! $23.00
Canine Leptospirosis *4-way protection* $21.00
Feline Rabies* $25.00
Feline Respiratory* $25.00
Feline Leukemia* $25.00
*(Adjuvant Free)  
Puppy package view details
Kitten package view details
Radiograph set-up 2 view $176.00
Radiograph additional view $39.00
Fecal flotation + Giardia test $54.58
Ear cytology $36.00
Bloodwork panel comprehensive (in-house) $113-130
Minor bloodwork pre-op (in-house) $85
Urinalysis (in-house) $50.00
Heartworm test (in-house) $38.00
Sedation large dog $98.00
Sedation small dog $85.00
Sedation cat $72.00
Sedation reversal, (included if required) free
Anesthesia Dog Initial 30 min $109.00
Anesthesia Cat Initial 30 min $94.00
Anesthesia maint/30 min $77.00
IV catheter with surgery $37.00
IV fluid with surgery $37.00
Feline neuter view details
Feline spay view details
Canine neuter < 36 lbs view details
Canine neuter ≥ 36 lbs view details
Canine spay < 36 lbs view details
Canine spay ≥ 36 lbs view details
Laser surgery add (includes post op laser healing) $55.00
Oral Health
Oral Care at Home is a way to reduce Veterinary Oral Cleanings!  
Routine Oral Assessment and Teeth Cleaning (Routine Dental) view details
Advanced Oral Treatment and Care (Advanced Dental) view details
Dental X-ray view details
Acupuncture Treatment level 1 $77.00
Acupuncture Treatment level 2 $89.00
Therapy Laser, package of 6, prepaid $45.60/visit
Intraocular Pressure (Glaucoma Test) $30.00
Ear cleaning non-sedated $19.00
Wound cleaning, uncomplicated $29.00
Bandage:  Small, Large $17, $39
Anal gland expression $23-27
ID Microchip implantation including registration $51.00


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